Minuteman Press +

QuickBooks Online Integrations

Automatically sync your Minuteman Press FLEX data to QuickBooks Online

for Chart of Accounts, Journal Entries, and discounted QuickBooks Online.

The Autymate solution can save you time and money

by automating monthly sales exports from FLEX to QuickBooks Online.

3 Easy Steps

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  • Call IT Support (800) 645-9840
  • Ask for your Store ID (6 Digits)
  • Enable FLEX Export to QBO
  • Download your instructions
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  • Choose your QBO version
  • Know your Store ID (6 Digits)
  • Complete the purchase form
  • Wait 24-48 hours for your QBO license
  • Configure QBO per instructions
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  • Know your Store ID (6 Digits)
  • You must only use the signup link below
  • Follow the downloaded instructions
  • Confirm the Chart of Accounts import
  • Export from FLEX to QBO

Unsure where to start?

Email: flextoqbo@mpihq.com

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Step 1: Get Ready & Choose

Starting a new Chart of Accounts with QuickBooks Online

Instructions for New

QBO Account

Follow these instructions for NEW QuickBooks Online Accounts.

(Not converting from QuickBooks Desktop)

Migrating from QuickBooks Desktop/Online keeping historical information.

Instructions for Existing QBD/QBO Account

Follow the instructions above if you are migrating from QuickBooks Desktop or have an existing QuickBooks Online Account.

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Step 2: Buy & Configure QuickBooks Online





‎ ‎US Pricing ($/Month)

‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎Where to Buy US (For outside the US Click Here) 24-48 Hour Delivery

‎ ‎Number of Users Included



‎ ‎Create & Send Invoices

‎ ‎Invite Accountant to Access Your Books

‎ ‎Connect Bank Accounts

‎ ‎Track Mileage

‎ ‎Capture Receipts via Mobile App

‎ ‎Track Assets & Liabilities

‎ ‎Create Estimates & Convert to Invoices

‎ ‎Manage Sales Tax

‎ ‎Add Payroll

‎ ‎Print Checks

‎ ‎QuickBooks Live (Add-on)

‎ ‎QBO Essentials is purchased directly through Intuit.

‎ ‎Autymate has negotiated discounted pricing on QBO Essentials & Plus while subscribed to their service.

‎ ‎When purchasing through Autymate, the time to receive the license will be 24-48 business hours.

‎ ‎The discount for QuickBooks will remain for as long as you are subscribed to Autymate and QuickBooks Online.

‎ ‎These prices are subject to change.

Outside the US Purchases: Click Here

$60 $51

$90 $76.50

+$12/m for Autymate

+$12/m for Autymate

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Step 3: Sign up for the FLEX to QuickBooks Online integration

Post it

Don’t move to Step 3 Until you have your QBO configured and logged in.

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